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How to Add Notes to Bookmarks

If you have bookmarked a great deal of websites through time, you might have any you don’t remember why you bookmarked them in the first location.  In case you don’t remember why you stored your bookmarks, they will not do you some good.

And Chrome never had this capability. Let us look at getting around this restriction in Chrome and Firefox and include notes to your own bookmarks.

A simple method to bring a notice to a bookmark in both Chrome and Firefox would be to set the notice in the title of the bookmark. We are going to demonstrate how you can customize the title of a bookmark with a notice in Chrome and Firefox.

To put in a note to a different bookmark in Chrome, take a look at the website that you would like to bookmark and click on the star icon from the address bar.

Subsequently, enter the title for the bookmark and whatever notes you would like to add into the Name box. Click

on Done.

The notes and name screen if you move your mouse on the bookmark to the Bookmarks bar. In the event that you added a very long notice to the bookmark title, you will not have the ability to observe the entire note. We analyzed adding a great deal of text into the title, and Chrome revealed an ellipsis (…) after 198 characters.

A strange limitation. If you get different effects when incorporating a very long note to the bookmark title in Chrome, let’s know in the comments.

Including a note once you add a new bookmark in Firefox is similar to doing it in Chrome. Pay a visit to the website that you would like to bookmark and then click on the star icon from the address bar.

About the New Bookmark popup dialog box, then put in your notice in the Name box. Then click on Done.
Firefox does not appear to possess precisely the exact same character limit as Chrome. We must over 2000 personalities in our bookmark Name in Firefox and each of them exhibited when we pitched our mouse on the bookmark.

So this appears to be a fantastic alternative in Firefox. You can quickly see your bookmark notes by simply moving your mouse over your bookmarks.

Including Notes to Bookmarks from Firefox (Keywords)

In Firefox, you can add a keyword into your bookmark to make it fast and simple to use the bookmark.
But if you do not use key words, you can use the Keyword field to get a bookmark as a notes area instead. To create your own bookmarks easier to discover and use with keywords, you may add tags to your own bookmarks in Firefox.

In Firefox, right-click on the bookmark that you would like to put in a notice to and choose Properties.
Subsequently, put in your notice in the Keyword box to the Properties dialog box and then click on Save. Since keywords are lowercase, your notice defaults to this too.

When employing this process, you need to open the properties to get a bookmark to view your notes. The text from the Keyword box does not show when you mouse over a bookmark.

The Bookmark Manager extension in Chrome simplifies the built-in bookmark manager also provides the notes attribute back to bookmarks.

This extension Isn’t available from the Chrome Internet Shop. But do not worry. It is simple.

Then, click on the green Clone or download and then click Install ZIP. Save the ZIP file into a folder in your hard disk and extract it.

To install extensions from beyond the Chrome Web Shop, you must utilize Developer style on the Extensions page.
Be careful what you set up from Beyond the Chrome Web Shop. Ensure that you trust the source and scan downloaded extension documents for viruses and await malware. We analyzed the Bookmark Manager expansion ZIP file with Windows Defender and VirusTotal and found it secure.

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