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Google Maps Tips for Planning

It’s probable that you rely on Google Maps for almost all of your navigation needs. Even though Google Maps is good at looking up neighborhood locations, did you know that it’s also an superb trip and holiday planner?

We’ve got nine excellent pointers to help get the most from Google Maps when intending (and through ) trips. This list concentrates on Android, however, these attributes are offered for iOS users also.

Offline Maps

The largest doubt when resorting to a different location is connectivity. Thus, to make certain you can get around no matter what, get into the place’s offline channels on Google Maps. Which permits you to look up attractions, resorts, or anything else–even in the event that you eliminate access to the world wide web.

To catch a place’s offline channels, fire the Google Maps program in your phone and look for the location you are headed to. In its data card, you will discover an alternative labeled Download. Hit that, choose the region to download, and tap Download .


Among Google Maps’ lesser-known attributes is bookmarking all of the sights you’d love to tour on a trip. You are able to set all of them in Lists, and the program offers two strategies to create them.

The first is by simply opening your Places entry within the navigation drawer. There, you will encounter a tab tagged Saved. After that is completed, you may add areas to the listing and also share it with others.

Another procedure for handling your lists Google Maps is to hunt for a location and select the Save option in its data card. From that point, you can append it to an current list or begin a fresh one.


The above Lists feature does not allow for cooperation, which can be a vital shortcoming if you are planning at a group. To conquer that, Maps provides Shortlists that not only lets others include areas, but vote on existing ones.

You may tap it to see the record or add more prior to sharing. Members may share their ideas on a place by hitting on the upvote or downvote icons, and preview all of these on the map by simply tapping on the tiny map icon situated in the very top.


Assessing restaurants at a new place could be hit or miss if you do not have a local manual or societal restaurant recommendation program to assist. Fortunately, Maps includes a solution for this too.

Its Research page accounts for your previous history and what specialists indicate. It’s possible to pull these recommendations by swiping on Google Maps’ bottom row of alternatives. Additionally, Research shows curated lists like the The Foodie List so you can know exactly what it is you’re getting into.

If Google Maps’ eatery hints do not frequently thrill you, then try tweaking your tastes in its Preferences menu, below Exploring Places. You’re able to pick out which kinds of food which you would like and which ones you are not very interested in.


Maintaining a diary about your trip may be a time-consuming and exhausting job. Why don’t you allow Maps do it for youpersonally?

Google Maps includes a nifty tool called Your Timeline which reproduces all of the areas that you see and presents them at a fairly interface. What is more, it is possible to write notes for every day and maybe even preview the images you shot there.

Additionally, it displays a lot of other details like your path, just how far you walked, and much more. Your Timeline can be obtained from the navigation drawer of Google Maps.


Imagine you are on a road trip. You are relying upon Google Maps to guide you through unknown land, and you understand you’d love to start looking for a restaurant soon. You could switch off the primary navigation and start searching for places to eat. Or you may use Google Maps’ detours.

Through a busy navigation, Google Maps permits you to search across the road for whatever and configure a detour. All you have to do is pull the bottom row which displays the estimated time remaining and tap Hunt Together Route. Then simply type what you’re searching for and Maps will include it as a detour for your current excursion –you won’t lose your initial destination.

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